Creating a logo and having a company does not mean you have created a brand. Building a brand is more complex compared to other elements that are needed.

To understand how to create a brand or branding, we first need to understand the difference between a logo and a brand.

What is a logo?

A logo is the symbol or identifier that represents a company, which can be presented in different forms, such as a logotype, isotipo, imagotipo, or isologo.

What is a brand?

A brand is the set of actions and strategies that penetrate a market to make users recognize and fall in love with the brand.

What to do to create a brand?

Creating a brand requires a lot of work and vision. Coherent, clear brands that know where they are going help users to identify and connect with them, and for this, we must work on the background. Here are the points to evaluate:

Define a value proposition

Having a well-defined value proposition will serve as a guide, as it will allow you to focus efforts to clearly reflect what the brand represents and why it exists.

Create your mission

Having a well-written mission allows you to define the brand’s reason for existence and what we want to achieve with the company. A company’s mission sets the path for the short and medium term.

Define your vision

The vision will allow you to achieve the impact you want to reach in the long term.

Brand persona

Create a brand persona in which you manage to define how the brand talks, how it looks, who it is, what it likes, what it fears, and what it wants to be. Defining the brand as a person gives you clear tools to treat it as such and thus achieve a very good connection with the end buyer.

Create a graphic system and communication system

Having a clear structure of graphic elements and a clear structure of tone of voice and communication is a super useful element to achieve a very good brand.

Having all these elements is not enough; you must also start creating clear strategies for communication, advertising, and even experience, to achieve all this and make it work properly you should use the guides or tools we talked about a moment ago.

With a good communication and marketing strategy that is coherent and clear, touching elements that excite or generate empathy with your ideal buyer or user, you will start to create an impact and over time if you continue with this, you will manage to create a brand.

Are you already working to create a brand? Or do you still have questions about how to achieve it?

Welcome to the new norm.