We are experiencing the boom of artificial intelligences, and they are after our jobs. Of course not! They are here to make our work easier and improve our experience, or at least that’s what I want to believe. But this is not a blog where my beliefs matter. Here, we will talk about how artificial intelligences are becoming influencers.

With the use of various tools, it’s possible to create fictional people to be influencers. This is not only a great tool for developing content, but it also allows you to create a lot of content for your brand without you or any of your employees being directly involved, thus giving the brand a specific personality.

Here are some digital influencers:

Meta’s Artificial Intelligence (Facebook, Instagram)

Meta AI took celebrities and their personalities to create artificial intelligences with them and to generate interactions through them. These AIs allow users to talk to these AI personas and have conversations based on the personalities of these celebrities. Each of them has their name, here are some you can talk to and their personalities:

  • Charli D’Amelio as Coco, Dance Enthusiast
  • Chris Paul as Perry, Pro golfer will help you improve your score
  • Dwyane Wade as Victor, Ironman coach will bring out the best in you
  • Izzy Adesanya as Luiz, MMA fighter will help you get better
  • Kendall Jenner as Billie, your companion who is always there
  • MrBeast as Zach, the older brother who annoys you because he cares
  • Naomi Osaka as Tamika, anime obsessed
  • Paris Hilton as Amber, detective partner
  • Snoop Dogg as Dungeon Master, ready for the next big adventure
  • Tom Brady as Wisecracking, discussing sports uncensored


This AI influencer was created by a photographer named Cameron-James Wilson and is considered the first artificial intelligence created for social media. She shares posts, stories, and constant content, has brand collaborations, and more than 244,000 followers.

Aitana López

This artificial intelligence has an age and everything; she was created with a specific personality. She is from Barcelona and likes video games, cosplay, and exercising. This model was developed by a modeling agency called The Clueless, born out of bad experiences with influencers due to their unprofessionalism, lack of work continuity, or high egos. In response, they created this AI.

Imma Gran

Imma Gran was also developed by a company dedicated to modeling called ModelingCafe. This Japanese influencer has very specific tastes such as fashion, art, and cinema.

Artificial intelligence has come to change the world and the way we work, and with this, we also have AI influencers.

It’s important that we consider these influencer opportunities because we all need to work with influencers, and sometimes it’s complicated. Therefore, having your own AI-developed influencer is not only a great opportunity but also very accessible for you to start doing it.

What do you think, do you already have an AI, or feel they shouldn’t exist?