When we start marketing for our business, the question arises whether we should make videos for our brand, and the answer is yes…

That’s the simple answer, but the complex answer is also yes, because video in marketing, since its inception, has been the strongest and most aggressive tool for campaigns. Today, it is not just the strongest tool but the most basic one. This is thanks to applications and smartphones that have enabled any user to access video tools.

Having access to video tools and platforms is not everything. Nowadays, centennials use TikTok as a search platform, leading Google to consider indexing TikToks. This means that when you perform a search on Google, there is a high likelihood that TikToks will be offered as part of the results.

Having the tools and applications to make videos is not the only thing you need. You also need to create extraordinary and unique narratives, as nowadays everyone can tell when a brand is trying to sell something. Therefore, it’s better to use more natural strategies that fit the community you are targeting.

This is the long answer to tell and indicate that you really do need to consider making videos for your marketing. If your brand isn’t using videos in its strategy, you are making big mistakes. Remember, you don’t need big productions to achieve your goals.