As I know nothing about American football, every year the Super Bowl happens, I prefer to focus on what I do know and like: the commercials or the marketing. So, like every year, we bring you the commercials we liked the most from the Super Bowl 2024.

Good or bad, every year the Super Bowl commercials surprise us for better or worse, or just by the great artists they manage to get and even greater the productions they make for this event. Here are the 5 most interesting commercials from this Super Bowl:

Mountain Dew Commercial Super Bowl 2024

Featuring my crush Aubrey Plaza and leveraging her public persona characterized by being very indifferent and not paying much attention to things, comes the commercial she developed with Mountain Dew.

Squarespace Commercial Super Bowl 2024

Squarespace, a management tool, and in this beautiful commercial where aliens are invading the planet, but since everyone is on their phone, they don’t pay attention until the aliens make a website, showing the importance of having a website. If you still don’t have one, you can make it with the best marketing agency in Monterrey, BLNK 😉 😉

Google Pixel SB Commercial Super Bowl 2024

This commercial is very nice because it shows how the cell phone interacts with the user’s daily life and how having a cell phone impacts their life.

Dunkin Donuts Commercial Super Bowl 2024

We all love donuts, and in this delicious Dunkin Donuts commercial, we see Ben Affleck trying to impress Jennifer Lopez with the collaboration of Tom Brady and Matt Damon.

E*Trade Commercial Super Bowl 2024

A trading company with digital tools mocks the sport of pickleball, which is like tennis with small rackets, while talking about their finances, demonstrating how easy the sport is, just like managing your finances.

These commercials are not as interesting as they used to be, nor are they as fun and innovative as they were. Currently, few companies manage to make an impact. I believe this is something we will continue to see as they create commercials with decent narratives, and occasionally we will have very interesting commercials.

What do you think of the Super Bowl 2024 commercials? Did you like them, or were they as disappointing as the halftime show?