Creating a marketing campaign involves many aspects, one of the most important being design. Being crucial and the first to catch the eye, it becomes an element that must be handled with great care, and for this, we have graphic systems.

What is a graphic system?

A graphic system refers to all the aesthetic elements that accompany a brand and everything that happens around it. Creating a brand with many graphic elements that comply with specific color schemes, shapes, and figures that can be identified as part of the brand is essential.

Having a brand with an extensive graphic system is fundamental for achieving good results because when the brand is poor in terms of graphic system, it becomes monotonous and boring.

que es un sistema grafico, blank studio, blnk, blink, blank

A deficient graphic system can be a significant problem since if it is not a structured and clear graphic system, every content or artistic piece we generate will not seem to be from the same brand, and on the contrary, it will appear as different brands, which can cause problems of brand identification and positioning.

Having a clear, functional, and extensive graphic system allows us to create graphic pieces that adapt to the various communication channels we have, thus ensuring that your campaigns adapt efficiently and clearly regardless of the formats, thanks to the variety of formats that the brand will have in communication.

que es un sistema grafico, blank studio, blnk, blink, blank
Un sistema gráfico hace referencia a todos los elementos estéticos que acompañan a una marca y todo lo que sucede a su alrededor.

Benefits of a Good Graphic System

Top of Mind

Having a good graphic system will enable you to have very good communication with your users. Not only that, if done correctly, it will make them remember you more often.


Graphic systems are useful so that within your content and publications you do not have to put the logo everywhere and look like a cheap brand, but rather, they recognize you simply by your photographic style quickly.


Having a complete and extensive graphic system that truly complies with a clear structure will give your brand a touch of professionalism that you cannot acquire in any other way.

Is your graphic system extensive and clear, or do you just create what you think will work at the moment?

Welcome to the new norm.