Bitcoin itself does not have a practical use for marketing, but through the technology with which it was created, the blockchain – the backbone of cryptocurrencies, it will allow you to generate marketing strategies or tools to achieve great results.

What is the blockchain or web 3.0

The blockchain is created for transparency and security for its users by creating a block of data with encrypted links between them, which allows information to only be altered through the authorization of all network users, forcing each transaction, change, or update to be validated by multiple users.

Marketing with blockchain

The applications of these technologies are diverse, some of which are already being implemented and others that are just beginning to be applied. Thanks to being a technology that validates transactions, it is impossible to hack, and if something is stolen, it can be discovered who stole it, making it a great tool. That’s why, for marketing, blockchain is ideal.

5 uses of blockchain in marketing


Non-Fungible Tokens mean that there is only one of these pieces and it is authentic. To date, they have not been hacked because they are based on blockchain technology, meaning that users authorize all transactions with their machines.

NFTs for certificates

There are business certificates such as ISO and others for security like those issued by Google for its partners. Normally, you have a logo of these certificates that you include in the presentation of your products or services or on your website. With NFTs, you can make your certificate unique and impossible to counterfeit by linking it to your company.

NFTs for Branding

When developing an identity or logo, we deliver a digital file that encompasses the entirety of the work; in other cases, physical graphic pieces are delivered, but that’s all. By using NFTs in branding, we can create a validity certificate that backs the identity, something similar to a trademark registration but in a much faster process.

Blockchain diplomas

Normally, when concluding a course, we deliver a diploma or certificate in PDF format validated only with some seal of our company. With NFTs, we can create unique and authenticated diplomas or certificates with our company, which serves to validate the document.

Data transparency and security

One application of blockchain for marketing data is that it can provide a lot of transparency and security for digital marketing. With the use of blockchain, verifiable records about social media ads can be offered thanks to them being unalterable. By implementing blockchain in social media, we can obtain information about who sees the ads, how they view them, and how much budget is spent, something that networks already do, but they do not ensure that the information they show is accurate. With blockchain, this becomes a reality and transparent.

Loyalty and rewards

With the use of blockchain, we can take advantage of assigning a user a unique record to track everything they do with your brand or around it to make loyalty strategies thanks to identifying where they are and how they are in their user journey.

Do you already own cryptocurrencies or are you already implementing strategies with blockchain? These are some things you can apply and others that we will possibly be able to apply in the near future.