If you are already marketing your business or brand but haven’t considered audio or video as tools, you probably haven’t achieved the expected results.

Video and audio marketing isn’t something you should plan and see when you can do it; you MUST DO IT RIGHT NOW. You no longer need large tools to start; you can begin today with your cell phone.

Audio Marketing

Why start marketing with video and audio? Nowadays, there are users who have an Alexa (from Amazon) or Google Home at home, and everyone who has one of these tools at home actively uses it. To be on these platforms, you must have significant brand relevance so that smart assistants can read you correctly.

Creating a podcast or similar content can allow you to position yourself easily on Google since they index your podcast pages. For users, a podcast is easily accessible and allows them to consume content quickly while doing other activities. Having a podcast and distributing it is not complex, making it a great opportunity.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is essential for your business, especially today as all social media platforms are fighting to be the most used, and users love watching videos, from TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook snatching users between platforms. Since all these platforms are increasingly pushing the use of videos, it is of utmost importance that you start making your brand videos to begin positioning yourself organically.

It’s time to start doing video and audio marketing so that your brand begins to grow quickly and you get better results in your strategies.

Welcome to the digital world.