The Oscars 2024 is one of the most significant events of the year for both movie buffs and non-movie buffs alike, but let’s not forget the marketing that happens around the event.

The Oscars 2024 achieved 1.9 million mentions during its broadcast, thanks to moments like John Cena naked on stage or Emma Stone winning Best Actress.

Behind the Oscars 2024 lies a great marketing strategy, it’s not a conspiracy theory as some believe, but being the most important event in cinema worldwide, it naturally involves strategies both around and within the stage.

Cinemas and Platforms Leverage the Oscars 2024

Cinemas and streaming platforms have an obvious connection to the Oscar awards because they are generally the first to show the movies that will participate in the awards. With this in mind, the moment the nominated films are announced, companies take advantage of the moment by creating playlists of all the movies or starting to broadcast them again in cinemas.

Movies Exploit Their Oscars

Every time a movie wins an Oscar or receives a major award, they leverage it for their marketing and exploit it to achieve more sales or positioning goals. This pushes their movie to start being shown again in cinemas or improve their negotiations with platforms. Even if they have already been released, they begin to push the notion that it is an Oscar winner and thus give the appearance that it is a good movie.

Directors and Actors Exploit the Oscars

When someone wins an Oscar, it’s as if their marketing identity becomes just that, and they leverage it for their marketing in the best way possible. Once they win an award, in all their next movies or series, they add “Oscar winner” next to the actor’s name or “the Oscar winners bring the movie.” They do this even if the Oscar they won is not in the same category they will perform in this new movie, but this attracts us and draws us closer to go see it.

The Oscars 2024 were good, and there were moments of laughter and uncertainty, but as always, we watch it every year and enjoy the movies that won. At Blnk, we love cinema and love watching good movies even more. Did you enjoy the Oscars? Do you think the right ones won?