When we talk about marketing, we always have the idea of generating campaigns or strategies so disruptive that they change the course of marketing and how it is perceived. However, not all campaigns achieve this, and not all campaigns withstand the test of time. That’s why we bring you 5 marketing campaigns that may not last forever but definitely change the way we see a marketing campaign.

Surreal is a high-protein cereal brand focused on functional foods, a company from England that has managed to make disruptive and different campaigns like their fake celebrities campaign.

In their fake celebrities campaign, they found people who share names with famous celebrities and had them try the cereal. After tasting it, they gave some comments or opinions that were used for the campaign, always clarifying that it was not the celebrity you thought it was.

This campaign is extraordinary because they took an element already known as the use of celebrities and with this in mind, they sought out celebrities with the same name to create a campaign using their names but not their images, managing to give a twist to the well-known campaigns of using celebrities without spending what it would cost to hire a real celebrity.

Marketing is an art, and being disruptive is not easy, which is why those who achieve it change the industry. Here we leave you with some ads…

Vicio Burgers with Neighbors

when opening a new branch that involved distributing flyers locally, but as it is known, flyers quickly become trash.

With the task of executing an effective marketing campaign, Vicio created flyers that mimic the typical neighborly complaint found in condos or buildings, and with that, they promoted their new branch.

This changes the way we view advertising because instead of invading space, it becomes part of it and integrates, achieving a more effective campaign.

Barbie Movie Commercial

Although not the first to do so, Barbie, the doll that adapts to any season or job it faces, decided to launch its movie in 2023, which, like its dolls, was a success.

The movie is an excellent marketing tool because it is not only an eternal product placement but also managed to increase doll sales by 3%, representing the sale of 1,538 million dolls and a 16% increase in profits.

The movie not only manages to place the product well but also repositions it as a doll concerned with current issues, making it a benchmark in cinema for product placement, something Lego had previously achieved with its movie.

Burger King Real Size

How many times have you seen a burger on a billboard that looks giant, making you crave something that big? Burger King has bet on honesty with this advertisement by creating billboards that show the real size of the burger, and you can compare it with your hands.

This advertisement not only draws attention by achieving a typographic design that catches the eye but also invites users to interact with a billboard that normally does not interact. It is disruptive from the traditional advertisement, thus changing the perspective of burgers and their marketing.

Distance Steal Them If You Can

The brand Distance decided to run a campaign where you can steal sneakers from the store and keep them for free only if you manage to escape from the security guard, who is Mickael Zeze, a 100m runner in just 9.99 seconds.

This campaign attracted more than 100 visitors, and only one person managed to escape. This campaign is completely disruptive because it not only invites participation in an activity but also encourages people to do sports and face a different challenge with its campaign.

These campaigns are completely disruptive, either by the way they were done or by the quality with which they were executed. We have a lot to learn from them, both in terms of campaign style and openness to doing things differently. Sometimes it’s not a lack of ideas but a lack of courage to start doing them.

And you, are you willing to do something different?

Welcome to the new norm