This year, 2024, marks the 12th edition of Palnorte, the largest and most famous festival in the north. With this in mind, we’ll discuss some of the best marketing strategies that Palnorte and other festivals have used to achieve their goals, some of which you can apply to your business.

Early Birds for Tecate Palnorte

Creating early bird ticket sales is not only a good way to pre-capitalize, allowing for the prediction and utilization of what can be achieved in your next festival, but it also lets Palnorte gauge the festival’s response upon general sale.

Early birds bet on the brand and history because there isn’t a lineup announced yet, which allows organizers to understand what will happen and how it will move.

Surprise Guests

Festivals know you want to see a variety of musicians and that you don’t want to miss out on anything. With this in mind, each year they have special guests whose identities are kept secret until they perform. However, rumors are strategically spread to fuel speculation and, with this strategy, leverage FOMO to sell more tickets.

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Activations at Palnorte Festival

Brands know you’ll be at the festival or want to go, so they devise strategies to leverage the event’s momentum, even participating in the festival with brand activations, either by selling products or giving them away to strengthen brand positioning

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Dedicated App for Palnorte Festival

In my personal opinion, having an app isn’t ideal for all brands, but in this case, it’s completely justified and reasonable. Thanks to this app, you can see everything related to the festival because it’s a large event, so having this tool for users is very beneficial. You’ll find band schedules, stages, and locations of each of the venues.

Broadcast Channel for Your Community

For its 2024 marketing strategy, Tecate Palnorte created a broadcast channel where you can connect and see what’s happening moment by moment. It’s like having a direct communication area with the festival, providing real-time updates whenever there’s something new to report.

What do you think about these marketing strategies? Were you already aware of them, or have you applied any? Let us know and tell us who you’re going to see.